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We need you!  

In order to make positive changes in Cairo, we need you to get involved.  The Cairo Development Foundation embraces all ideas and contributions.  Please contact us and get involved.  We really do NEED YOU!  

Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi
Historic Buildings and Sites


There are several buildings in the Town of Cairo that are considered historic for many different reasons.  The Almhouse which is adjacent to the Angelo Canna Town Park, has a colorful history. During the mid 1800's it was a "poor house" and provided a home for people who were without means. Now it is a building utilized by Greene County government and has several uses.  The Main Street area is rife with old historical buildings. The building that is referred to as the "old bottling works" has stood the test of time and is currently returning to its original mission as a bottling company. Almost all of the buildings on Main Street can trace their roots back to the 1800's and have had many uses.    

Arts and Culture


There are many artists that make Cairo their home. The Altamura Performing Arts Center in Round Top boasts world class cultural programs; including opera, jazz, broadway and classical.  Timbercraft located in Purling is home to famous chainsaw carvings by Hal MacIntosh.  The Mahayana Buddhist Temple in South Cairo is an example of Chinese architecture and culture.  They welcome visitors.  

World's Oldest Prehistoric Forest
Special Interest

John Diamond aka Legs Diamond was an 

infamous gangster during the prohibition era. He 

spent a lot of time at the Aratoga Inn on St-23 in 

Acra.  There was an attempt on his life at the 

Aratoga Inn, where two bystanders were killed.  

Diamond survived that particular attack.  


The Town of Cairo has the world's oldest known prehistoric forest.  Just off of Route 145 in Cairo are the fossil remains of the oldest forest in the world.  These remains are 387 million years old!  It is believed that the Cairo site is the beginning of forestation world wide. Scientist continue to study this site and believe that it will be key in understanding paleoclimatology.    

  About Cairo

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