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Cairo NY Bears Community Art Project 


Cairo ​Bears ​will one again grace ​the ​streets ​of ​Cairo, ​Round Top, ​Purling, Acra, ​South ​Cairo, ​and ​South ​Durham. ​The ​Cairo NY Bears Community Art Project is a ​fundraiser that will benefit Cairo ​Development ​Foundation’s Main Street Revitalization projects. The Bears will be on display from Memorial​ ​Day​ ​weekend in May through Labor Day in September.

Following ​their ​summer ​on ​the ​streets, ​the ​bears ​will be ​auctioned ​off ​at ​our ​Cairo ​Bears ​Auction on Saturday, September 28, 2024
. ​

In ​profound ​appreciation ​for the ​work ​done ​by ​our ​artists, ​they ​will ​receive ​a ​25% ​share ​of ​the auctioned ​gross ​amount. ​The ​net ​proceeds ​will ​go ​towards ​the ​Cairo ​Development ​Foundation ​for future ​projects ​to ​beautify ​and ​improve ​the ​Town ​of ​Cairo ​and ​promote ​a ​business-friendly atmosphere ​in ​our ​community.

For any questions or concerns please contact Sherry B. True, Cairo Bears Community Art Project Coordinator. She can be reached at

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