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Cairo Public Library

Mission Statement:  

  • To create, beautify and improve Cairo by offering volunteers to spruce up existing dwellings and businesses.

  • Assist in promoting a business friendly atmosphere by working with town government and citizens.

  • Seek out state and federal grants to pursue projects that help beautify Cairo.

  Vision Statement:

  • Build a vibrant, creative and financially viable community while maintaining the rich history and culture of the area.  

The Cairo Development Foundation

Cairo Development Foundation Staff

President: Diana E. Benoit 
Vice President: Lysandra Braden
Treasurer: Michelle Rolon
Secretary: Yuliya Benoit

Diana recently retired from the New York State Police as a Senior Investigator after 27 years.  She has a B.S. from The Rochester Institute of Technology and an MPA (Master's in Public Administration) from Marist College. She is also an adjunct Professor at Columbia Greene Community College.

Lyssie has a B.S. from SUNY Empire in Health and Human Services and is employed as an Account Executive for a health brokerage. 

Our Community


Cairo is a diverse town with an eclectic flair. One of the challenges for the Cairo Development Foundation is to fuse the old with the new.  We hope to partner with the Historical Foundation as well as the many artists that make Cairo their home to pay homage to the history of Cairo while, keeping an eye on the future. 

Our Vision


The residents of Cairo have become far too used to the old and declining appearance of the Main Street area.  The Cairo Development Foundation has been created to help improve the look of Main Street and in turn promote and facilitate the return of business to that area.  

We envision a thriving business hub with ample parking.  The Cairo Development Foundation is currently working on short term and long term plans to effectuate our vision.  

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