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Welcome to Sponsorship of a 2024 Cairo Bear

Once again, Cairo Bears will grace the streets of Cairo, Acra, Round Top, Purling, and South Cairo.  The Cairo Development Foundation is bringing back the Cairo Bears as a fundraiser to benefit the Cairo Development Foundation, the Town of Cairo, and surrounding communities.


Make plans to host a decorated fiberglass Bear for the summer. They will be decorated by a juried artist who will be selected by you, the sponsor, and by the “Cairo Bears Community Art Project 2024” Committee. Bears will be on display all summer throughout the Town of Cairo and will be auctioned on the 4th weekend on September 28, 2024. Click Below for the sponsor packet. Thank you for your support in this project. See links below we also accept payment through PayPal.





PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Paypal link to pay for the sponsorship is provided below the packet. 



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