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Calling All Artists!

The Cairo Bears will be returning for the summer of 2024! This is a very exciting new season for the Cairo Development Foundation, the town of Cairo, NY. Once again, Cairo Bears will grace the streets of Cairo, Acra, Roundtop, Purling, & South Cairo! The Cairo Development Foundation is administering the Cairo Bears Community Art Project as a fundraiser to benefit the Cairo Development Foundation’s Main Street Revitalization Program in the town of Cairo. We are counting on all of you wonderful artists out there to create incredible, original artwork that will amaze both local bear lovers and those who will travel from far and wide to see the Cairo Bears!


Participating in “Cairo Bears Community Art Project” is a great way for artists to gain public recognition. Both sponsors and artists will be promoted in both print and social media, at events, and on the streets! There will be many promotions and special events throughout the season circulating your name and artwork to the public! Click on the link below for the packet. Thank you for your support of this project.

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